Marketing Manager

Eeya Mendoza

Eeya’s success stems from her determination and desire to keep up with the latest trends in marketing and design. She frequently upgrades her skills by taking part-time courses, attending industry events, and utilizing the latest design technologies. With all this knowledge, you can trust Eeya to deliver marketing solutions that get results!

Eeya is a Marketing Manager with experience as unique as her name. She brings a decade of professional marketing and design expertise from multiple industries to TRG.


From an early age, Eeya was always doodling pictures and letters. Little did she know, this was the beginning of her study of typography. When she gained access to the internet, she started designing and developing web pages from scratch. Her love for details in drawing letters became a love for digital design.

Fast forward to now, Eeya’s portfolio spans print and digital platforms. From product launches and event branding to app design for a fintech company. Her relevant experience was on the brokerage side at a luxury brokerage, developing marketing materials and campaigns for agents across Ontario. She brings this expertise to add a luxe touch to all the marketing for our clientele.

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