“As an active real estate investor, I cannot stand realtors. But David Fleming is the real deal. His team’s attention to detail, professionalism, and knowledge are unmatched. They consistently exceeded my admittedly lofty expectations. I’m not easily impressed, and the team has been excellent in every way. The Toronto market is competitive, you need someone like David to get the job done. I suggest you contact David and his team without hesitation. You’ll be glad you did.”

- Parveen

The TRG Difference

Experience meets excellence

After representing both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions in Toronto for years, we not only have incredible insight and direct knowledge of all aspects of the industry, but we maintain a high standard of service for our clients and within our team.


David Fleming

David Fleming is the Broker of Record of Bosley – Toronto Realty Group but also the name behind one of Toronto’s most recognized real estate websites, Toronto Realty Blog. What started as a passion project and attempt to “be different” back in 2006, ended up changing organized real estate forever, helping to usher a new generation of real estate insights, technologies, and agents into an industry that so badly needed a refresh!


Chris Cansick

Chris is another born-and-raised Leasider, having attended Bessborough Public School and Leaside High School. After which he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Guelph, and eventually went on to complete a Master’s in Business Administration at Western.


Richard McNutt

Richard’s three decades in the Toronto real estate industry have resulted in him holding one of the best reputations among his 70,000 colleagues in the business.  A consummate professional, Richard garners a level of respect that is saved for very few in the industry, and his name and face have been known to open doors and start conversations where others would not succeed.


Tara Amina

Surrounded by a family network of residential developers during her childhood, Tara has grown to see some of the most difficult tasks in real estate as a path of least resistance.  Armed with a rolodex filled with every conceivable contact needed in the world of real estate, Tara entered the industry with authority.


Matthew Morrison

Matthew cut his teeth in the Toronto business scene by spending four years working in wealth management at the Bank of Montreal, honing his customer service skills along the way. After deciding that his energetic, excitable nature would be a better fit in a fast-paced, dynamic market with a more unique product, Matthew came to realize that real estate was a perfect fit.

Marketing Manager

Eeya Mendoza

Eeya’s success stems from her determination and desire to keep up with the latest trends in marketing and design. She frequently upgrades her skills by taking part-time courses, attending industry events, and utilizing the latest design technologies. With all this knowledge, you can trust Eeya to deliver marketing solutions that get results!

Transaction Coordinator

Veronica Carlasuc

The TRG Team considers Veronica “the first line of defence” and are able to effectively, efficiently, and expertly transact knowing that Veronica is ready and able to help at a moment’s notice.

Client Care Coordinator

Adriana Krasniqi

While Adriana might be too modest to admit it, her personal motto at Toronto Realty Group should be, “I get things done.”

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