This is how it started

David Fleming began with Bosley Real Estate back in 2004, meeting respected industry veteran Richard McNutt on his very first day. In the nearly two decades since then, David formed Toronto Realty Group as an appropriate spin-off from his popular Toronto Realty Blog. Things have come full circle with Richard now merging his business with TRG in early 2022.

Most real estate “teams” are anything but. They are essentially a group of individuals—usually with a high rate of attrition—who often don’t interact with each other.  At TRG, the group is a team in the truest sense of the word. The business savvy and professionalism that Richard instilled in David throughout the years has been passed on to Chris, Matthew, and Tara, making for a seamless client experience regardless of who they’re working with. Very often the team will also work together and divide and conquer crucial or time sensitive tasks in order to offer the absolute best customer service possible.

Modern TRG

Where we are today!

Every member of the TRG team is hand-picked and simply put, “fits” with the culture and business philosophy. The team enjoys one-another’s company, resulting in an office dynamic that is impossible to find anywhere else. The optimism, spirit, helpfulness, and enthusiasm that the team demonstrates in the workplace on a daily basis is passed on to the clients at every step of the real estate journey!

“David is a very good realtor. He is respectful, confident, and knows the market. It was obvious to us after our first meeting his team would get us the best price for our house. And they did! We really appreciated his team's 'full service' approach. The handy-work, cleaning, staging, and virtual presentation were as impressive as we have seen!”

- Daniel Burkett

Who We Are

We actually do things differently. Quite the tagline, right? But it’s so accurate, we just couldn’t help ourselves! In an industry where every agent, every team, and every brokerage claims to be unique, or different, or rare—99% of them are the same. At Toronto Realty Group, everything about us goes above and beyond the mass of agents that clutter this industry. Trust us when we say that our colleagues and competitors take notice. We are beyond what is considered a “full-service” brokerage, and we put our money where our mouths are. We do it all because the market demands it, and because you should demand it, too.